The Haute Maurienne Vanoise Intercommunal Social Action Centre was created by a decision of the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Community of Municipalities. It has been in existence since 1 September 2019.


It manages the Social Action competence defined as of community interest of the CCHMV and the related services, namely

Territorial contracts and prospective reflections: Studies, analyses of needs and prospective reflections whose perimeter of the study, the object of the study or the targeted populations (permanent or seasonal) concern several Communes of the territory;

The coordination of the elaboration of territorial contracts for Early Childhood, Childhood and Youth proposed by the institutional partners and the steering of their implementation. It implements the actions for which it is competent.

Children's policy: The organisation, supervision and management of school meals and after-school and extra-curricular childcare facilities for children aged 3 to 11 in the area.

Youth policy:
- The organisation, supervision and management of after-school and extra-curricular activities for young people in the area aged 11 to 17;

- The implementation of information, prevention, integration and support actions for young people aged 11 to 25;

- The setting up of a youth information structure.

Support policy for families and parenthood:
- Support for listening, support and prevention mechanisms and networks, when they concern the whole territory;

- Actions and activities relating to parenthood when they concern the whole territory;

- Actions and activities to support schooling when they concern the whole territory.

Policy in favour of the elderly and the integration of all populations in the territory.

Home delivery of meals for the elderly, disabled or convalescing people;

Transport on demand for captive people (young people in difficulty, people needing temporary help to get around, etc.) and people with reduced mobility (elderly, disabled).

The Pré Soleil Autonomy Residence in Modane

The operation of the Alzheimer's Day Care Centre in Fourneaux

A fully-fledged public administrative institution with its own budget and staff, the HMV ICAS is chaired by the President of the CCHMV, Christian SIMON, and managed by a board of directors made up of 50% elected members from the CCHMV community council and 50% members appointed by the President of the CCHMV representing associations and players in the field of social action, prevention, integration and solidarity in the area.
The Haute Maurienne Vanoise ICAS operates in the 10 communes of the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Community of Communes, complementing the actions of the CCAS of each commune, which continue to exist.

For more information on the management of this competence by the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Community of Municipalities, you can consult the following link:

Période d'ouverture

All year round.
Competence of the CCHMV, see these schedules.


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