How amazing, to find yourself in such high mountains with such little effort, enjoying a beautiful view of the suspended Charbonnel glacier.

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The Avérole valley is home to a few of the typical Haute Maurienne farming villages that are still intact (La Goulaz, Vincendières and Avérole). This itinerary presents no major difficulty as it climbs gently to the end of the valley. You can even extend your trip up to the Averole refuge, which is open and guarded during the summer. Seasoned mountain-bikers can make the extra climb in the saddle, while others may have to walk. The decor promises waterfalls, glaciers and high peaks.

Departs from: Place de la Mairie in Bessans

Period of opening

From 01/06 to 15/10.

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.


  • Marked route Marked
  • Itinerary type Loop
  • Nature of the terrain Stone Ground Grit


Free access.

Plus d'infos

Municipality : Bessans
Adress :
Place de la mairie


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Itinerary overview

  • Difficulty
    Difficulty Level black - very hard
  • Positive elevation
    Positive elevation 495 m
  • Distance
    Distance 18.6 km
  • Negative elevation
    Negative elevation 495 m
  • Maximum altitude
    Maximum altitude 2074
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