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The name Bramanette may sound sweet enough but don't be fooled! The climb presents no technical difficulties but is physically challenging. Fortunately, you'll be rewarded with the superb Bramanette Alpine pastures and a singletrack descent that's just perfect!

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You'll start with a 900-metre elevation gain and the higher you climb, the steeper it gets! This will get your heart and legs working hard! Then you'll find yourself on the Alpine pastures of Bramanette where there's a mountain refuge of the same name. This is a magnificent spot at which to enjoy a well-deserved breather and enjoy the soothing scenery. For much of the descent you'll be on singletrack paths, some of which are technically challenging, that zigzag between the forest tracks. This itinerary is very much an all-rounder as it requires excellent physical fitness on the way up and technical mastery for the descent.
As a bonus, take the little detour to the chapel of Saint Pierre d'Extravaches and soak up the lovely atmosphere that emanates from this site.

Departs from: Val Cenis Bramans

Period of opening

From 15/06 to 01/10.

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.


  • Marked route Marked
  • Itinerary type Loop
  • Nature of the terrain Stone Ground Grit


Free access.

Plus d'infos

Municipality : Val-Cenis - Bramans
Adress :
Place de la mairie


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Itinerary overview

  • Difficulty
    Difficulty Level black - very hard
  • Positive elevation
    Positive elevation 870 m
  • Distance
    Distance 11 km
  • Negative elevation
    Negative elevation 870 m
  • Maximum altitude
    Maximum altitude 2094
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