Breathe in deeply as you follow a shaded trail adorned with larch trees. Overlooking the Bessan plain, it's a popular place to go when you want to cool off. Take a look at the intriguing international biathlon site and then head to the forest!

Carte & Points d’intérêt

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This hike takes you through part of the cross-country skiing area, so popular during the winter season. The world's top biathletes challenge each other on this site all year round... but now, enough daydreaming! *Get motivated and go find the abundant Avérole torrent: as the locals would say "abadez-vous"! The left bank will guide you on a brief adventure into the valley of the same name. At a bend in the road, you come across the beautifully restored hamlet of La Goulaz where the past seems to come back to life. What a surprise in the distance! What's the majestic glacier that just appeared? Her Majesty, the Charbonnel, silently reigns over the land, peaking at 3,752 metres. A mere glimpse leaves you breathless as you venture further on this occasionally uneven slope. In spring, the larch dresses up in shades of intense pink: a jaw-dropping sight! Their new cones bloom in record time, as this evergreen is the only species that entirely renews itself every year. In the summer, they've got a colossal task on their hands!

Période d'ouverture

From 15/06 to 15/10.

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.


  • Balisage BALISE
  • Type d'itinéraire BOUCLE
  • Précision balisage Mixed signposting (PR and GR)
  • Passage délicat The snowfields make the crossing dangerous at the start of the season, crossing narrow and sometimes slippery ledges, crossing streams and during the hunting period, in covered areas, inquire.
  • Nature du terrain Rock Ground Not suitable for strollers

Équipements & Services

  • Parking nearby
  • Pets welcome


Free access.

Plus d'infos

Commune : Bessans
Adresse :
Place de la Mairie


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L’itinéraire en bref

  • Difficulté
    Difficulté Walkers/hikers
  • Dénivelé positif
    Dénivelé positif 290 m
  • Distance
    Distance 8 km
  • Dénivelé négatif
    Dénivelé négatif 290 m
  • Altitude max.
    Altitude max. 1985
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