Call for volunteers! The French General Staff recruits spies to unlock the secrets of the fortress and free the imprisoned lieutenant colonel.
New family treasure hunt scenario at the forts of Esseillon.

Carte & Points d’intérêt

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Routes to share with family or friends, the Savoyard Discovery Walk of the Forts of Esseillon will allow you to apprehend the heritage in a fun way.
This year, Aussois offers you a new scenario plunging you into 1840, through the mazes of the imposing fortress where spies swarm.
Call for volunteer French soldiers! Infiltrate the enemy fort Victor-Emmanuel to shed light on its organization and the life of the Sardinian garrison. Collect your road book to get into the fort and solve the puzzles that will also allow you to free Lieutenant-Colonel Desgranges. The giant sheets scattered on the course will bring you the information obtained and transmitted to the French general staff by the lieutenant-colonel before he was imprisoned.

To each visitor his discovery:
- Route of the spies: follow the markup
Duration: about 2h30
Elevation: 100 meters (stairs)
- Comfort walk: part of the fort accessible to all, without play (families with strollers, seniors, people with reduced mobility accompanied).

Période d'ouverture

From 01/01 to 31/12.
Depending on the snow conditions: provide snowshoes to go down to the Fort.
Fewer workshops in the winter season due to disassembled batteries.


  • Balisage BALISE
  • Type d'itinéraire BOUCLE
  • Précision balisage 100 meters of drop. Steps of stairs in Fort Victor-Emmanuel


Game Kit: 7 € (the game book).

Plus d'infos

Commune : Aussois
Adresse :
4 rue de l'Eglise
Entité d'information : Mairie d'Aussois


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L’itinéraire en bref

  • Difficulté
    Difficulté Children
  • Dénivelé positif
    Dénivelé positif 100 m
  • Dénivelé négatif
    Dénivelé négatif 100 m