Discover the Hamlets of Saint Jean d'Arves. Les Chambons comes from the Latin "Campus Bonus" which means "good field" "rich ground". Plan Gaspard, formerly called "Plangaspard" designs this flat area.
Family walk, accessible with a pushchair.


Departure form Les Chambons. Go over the bridge on the Arvan River. Then continue past the Christian Cross on the left side and then in front of Saint Antoine's chapel. Continue straight on and leave the hamlet's last house " Le Clos d'Ornon" on your right. Walk 50 meters up and turn around to face a great view with, from left to right, the "Le Villard" hamlet, the one of "Les Ecourts", "La Tour" with the Church, "Le Mollard" and "Le Collet". Behind them is the Mont Charvin (2204m) and its two bumps.
When you have pass the first hairpin bend, you will see on your left the hamlet of "Les Côtes". Continue, in front of the hamlet slightly to your right, you will see the pointy summit of the "Grand Chible" (2932m).
Enter the hamlet of "Les Côtes" and 50 meters after having left it, you will see 2 of the three Arves needles peaks appearing.
Continue straight on, enter in the hamlet "La Curiaz", and while leaving, see the nice view across from "La Chal". Then enter the hamlet "Plan Gaspard" (1520m). Go on and see on your left, Le Corbier's peak, the ouillon's peak(2431m) which is Europe's highest grass mountain, constituted by 100% of mountain pastures.


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Itinerary overview

  • Positive elevation
    Positive elevation 150 m
  • Distance
    Distance 2.2 km