Dorothee Oberlinger, “queen of the recorder”, and Andreas Scholl, a world star, recreate the volcanic soundtrack of baroque Naples this evening.
Program: Handel, Porpora, Mancini, Sarri and Leonardo Leo.


City of music, Naples was at that time a melting pot of musical innovation, and each conservatorio a nursery for artists.
Alessandro Scarlatti's vocal and instrumental music marks the era with its inventiveness. Nicola Porpora then reigns over all the operas in Europe, as a worthy musical heir to the master. The fashion is then with loud voices, like Farinelli's voice. Attraction of many operas and cantatas, lyric or virtuoso, these voices sing the exploits of great mythological figures or the loves of Arcadian shepherds.
In addition, a Neapolitan manuscript of sonatas from 1725 emphasizes the contribution of the flute to sound and melody. Originally a simple foil for singing, the flute emancipated itself until it became a soloist in concertos.
Finally, Porpora and Handel, longtime rivals, will face each other this evening in two cantatas. But a delightful excerpt from Porpora's opera Il Trionfo di Camilla could well decide between them!


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