Masterpieces from Guillaume de Machaut, Josquin des Prés, extract from Livre Vermeil de Montserrat, Le Manuscrit du Roy or anonymous airs.


Into the Winds :
Anabelle Guibeaud, Adrien Reboisson, Marion le Moal, chalemies, bombardes & flûtes à bec. Rémi Lécorché, trompette à coulisse, sacqueboute, flûtes à bec. Laurent Sauron, percussion

The musical walk: two concerts at the Valloire church (different programs), the first at 11 a.m. and the second at 5 p.m.
Interspersed with a walk in the mountain pastures towards Poingt-Ravier, a lunch on the grass with the musicians and a Libre-cours given by Gaël de Kerret: Contre-tenors?

France in the 13th century. Throughout the kingdom, we extract, we cut, we transport the stone, we pile it in thick walls, we sculpt it, we polish it, and we end up projecting it in arrows which point towards the sky, always more top… Saint-Denis, Reims, Cambrai, Amiens, Beauvais, but also countless chapels, abbeys and priories which dot our countryside and constitute a palpable trace of the art of our ancestors.
The two musical interludes of Into the Winds evoke the forgotten soundtrack of those who were able to build for three hundred years these buildings with chiseled patterns and numerous stained glass windows. The first part will present ceremonial and festive pieces from French, Italian and Burgundian courts, testifying to the refined aesthetics of aristocratic circles of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. The second part will be devoted to an exploration of the universal art of dance from the 13th to the 16th century, outlining a world of contrasts, alive and colorful.

The invigorating breath and the vibratory energy they transmit are a source of journeys, bridges and passages, inviting an immersive and sensory experience in time and space. Thus, between East and West, between past and present, connoisseurs or simply curious are swept away in moments that are as intimate, sensual and refined, as surprising, spectacular and grandiose. In an approach of research, creation, and reinvention, mixing secular and sacred music, dances and songs, Into the Winds touches the imagination of its audience by telling stories that are as unique as they are universal.

From the Gothic breath of trumpets filling the first cathedrals to the songs of troubadours exalting courtly love and chivalrous virtues, from the dazzling sound of great oboes animating balls and parties to the nonchalant virtuosity of tambourines and recorders improvising in princely palaces , minds and bodies are constantly called to adventure, to contemplation or to discovery. Always in search of new sensations and risk-taking, Into the Winds communicates the spirit of an era with elegance, sobriety, authenticity and conviction, juggling between instruments, "grooving" like a Big Band, in the energy, the joy, and the pleasure of sharing.

Period of opening

Tuesday 27 July.
11:00 – Concert at Valloire church
12:00 – Promenade to chapelle Saint Pierre
13:00 – Picnic on the alp with the musicians
14:30 – Libre cours
16:00 – Promenade back to Valloire church
17:00 – Concert at Valloire church.


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