"Pirame, for Tisbé, since earliest childhood, the god who makes people love experienced the power ..."

Program dedicated to the work of Louis-Nicolas de Clérambault, sonata and cantatas.


The French cantatas of the beginning of the 18th century are - unlike the German cantatas of the same period - secular works, considered as real “serials”. Composed for one or more voices accompanied by a continuo bass and most often top instruments forming "the symphony", they can be considered as operas, but in chamber format.

This program revolves around cantatas for solo voice by a composer little known nowadays and yet one of the main authors of the Age of Enlightenment: Louis-Nicolas Clérambault, who tried to perform, in the forms of the cantata and of the sonata, a synthesis of Italian and French aesthetics.

Program :
Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676-1749)
Apollo, cantata for high voice and symphony
The magnificent, sonata for two on it
Le Jaloux, cantata for haute-contre and symphony
Love cured by love, cantata for high voice and symphony
Pirame et Tisbé, cantata for haute-contre and symphony

Period of opening

Sunday 18 July 2021.
At 9 pm.


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