Val-Cenis - Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis

Treat yourself with 1, 2 or 3 days of electric mountain biking in the heart of beautiful Maurienne. With knowledgeable guides to pave the way and breathtaking landscapes to motivate you. And to recharge your batteries, some tasty refreshment stops.


How do you imagine an electric mountain biking route in Maurienne? A combination of gentle slopes and sensational peaks? A beautiful escape with cross-country paths? You are right. This three-day trip will be just like that, with, as a bonus, the added charm of those you'll meet along the way. Heritage guides, generations of mountain dwellers and patron saints, to name but a few. Far from weighing or slowing you down, these encounters will make you fly...

Day 1: After a shuttle bus transfer from Val-Cenis Bramans and collecting your bike in Bonneval sur Arc, you'll embark straight onto your adventure. There will be surprises at every turn: from the cave paintings at the Rocher de Château, a meeting with the devil in a sacred wood, a visit to Bessans Church and the medieval chapel of Saint Antoine, guided by Christelle who is a local specialist Art and History guide. Not to forget the landscapes that will roll past your eyes, giving you the impression you're dreaming while awake. You'll arrive at the Avérole refuge, at over 2,000m altitude, where sleep will catch up with you. No wonder, since it will have been such an exciting day.

Day 2: Today, there's a circuit around Val-Cenis Lanslevillard that will await you, but you won't simply go round in circles. From the Saint Sébastien Chapel to Saint Jean Baptiste (St John the Baptist) Chapel, Baroque art will take you back 400 years in time, in the company of Armelle, who is a lecturer and guide as well as a painter and restorer. Then, you'll climb to the Lac du Mont Cenis, have a meal in a restaurant before taking the balcony path to the hill of the same name, and the 17 km around the lake will provide a rich experience with baroque scenery and incredible panoramas. Then you'll experience a relaxing descent, which will be extended during your stay in a hotel with spa.

Day 3: With a visit to the Baroque church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption at Val Cenis Lanslebourg and also to the Chapelle de la Congrégation at Val Cenis Bramans, you will move from cross-country trails to a majestic road with hamlets and county towns, sacred places and popular viewpoints. The highlights will include the climb to Planay and the guided tour of the Church of St Pierre d’Extravache, with Christiane, a specialist Art and History guide. A special experience that you'll not easily forget. Are you dreaming of a getaway in stunning landscapes? The Haute Maurienne Baroque tour will not disappoint you. Add these colourful Baroque encounters and settings to the mix of your holiday.

Période d'ouverture

From 25/07 to 27/07/2023.

From 01/08 to 03/08/2023.

From 08/08 to 10/08/2023.

From 15/08 to 17/08/2023.

From 22/08 to 24/08/2023.


Adult: from 349 € (per person on full board).

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