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Cyclo-route in the heart of the French alps

Between France and Italy

The VIALPS route passes through the  SavoiePiedmont, and the Hautes Alpes, crossing the Col du Galibier (2642 m altitude), Col de Montgenèvre (1850 m altitude)/ Echelle (1762 m altitude), Col de Finestre (2178 m altitude), Col de Sestrières (2035 m altitude), Col du Mont Cenis (2085 m altitude). Several variants have been imagined to complete the initial route.
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To each his or her own way of discovery

Maurienne Tourisme presents this new sporting route, to be done by bike :

  • By cyclosportive (road bike, and gravel bike for some variants)
  • By  slow tourism / bike packing (MTB, Touring bike)
  • By electronic bike

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The loop crosses the territories of the Maurienne Valley, Brianconnais, and Susa Valley in Italy.

4 stages, an unforgettable bike trip

Vialps is a route created, so you may take the time to discover our mountains and their heritage via a gentle and environmentally friendly mode of transport: cycling.

In addition, the route makes it possible to connect existing cycle paths on each side: “La Maurienne, the largest cycle area in the world©”, the CicloVia Francigena Mont Cenis / Turin, and the Véloroute de la Durance Monêtier-Les-Bains / Avignon.

For total immersion; we suggest 4 steps to discover below. You can consult the elevation and download the GPX of the course for free.


  • 1 | From Modane (Savoie) to Suse (Italie) : 66 or 73 km

    Stage 1 : Modane > Suse

    3 routes are proposed for this stage : la classique, a variant via Aussois, the variant Moncenisio – Novalaise

    The forts of Esseillon, are one of the architectural treasures to discover during this stage.

    Discover stage 1

  • 2 | From Suse (Italy) to Briançon (Hautes Alpes) : 58 km

    Stage 2 : Suse > Briançon

    For the second stage, there are 3 more possibilities: La classique, the variant via col de Finestre, and the variant via the col de l’Echelle.

    Cesana Torinese bridge in Italy

    Discover stage 2

  • 3 | From Briançon (Hautes Alpes) to Valloire (Savoie) : 57 km

    Stage 3 : Briançon > Valloire

    Discover stage 3

  • 4 | From Valloire (Savoie) to Modane (Savoie) : 32 km

    Stage 4 : Valloire > Modane

    Return to the Maurienne valley to complete the Vialps loop.

    Discover stage 4

Stage after stage

Carte globale du parcours Etape 1

1 | From Modane (Savoie) to Suse (Italie)

1.1 La Classique : 66 km, D+ 1924 m

1.2 Variant via Aussois66 km, D+ 1462 m

1.3 Variant via Novalaise73 km, D+ 1453 m

This first step takes you right to the heart of the Haute Maurienne at the foot of the Vanoise massif and its majestic peaks.

On the road, you will not fail to admire Fort Esseillon with its 5 towering forts. From village to village, you will gradually climb towards the Mont Cenis pass either by the main route or by Aussois. At the top of the Mont Cenis plateau, you will discover all the riches of this high place, a passage between France and Italy through the centuries. You will take the opportunity to admire its lake with turquoise waters surrounded by the forts of Variselle, Ronce, and Pattacreuse. Further on, are the switchbacks to Italy taking either by the main road or by a variant where you will be surprised by the small traditional village of Moncenisio (cut stones walls and slate roofs) and its lake. You will then come to Novalaise before joining Susa and its unmissable historic center.

A new atmosphere invades you “welcome ! ” or as they say in Italian “Benvenuto! ”

1.1 | La classique : 66 km

Distance : 66 km
A+ 1924 m
A- 1863 m
Alt min : 490 m
Alt max : 2097 m

To see and do.

  • Fort du Replaton and St Gobain overlooking Modane
  • The leaning house (route de Valfréjus)
  • Archeology Museum of Val-Cenis Sollières
  • The forts of Esseillon and the Devil’s Bridge
  • Pyramid Museum (Mont Cenis)
  • The Alpine Garden (Mont Cenis)
  • Fort of Variselle, Ronce and Pattacreuse (Mont Cenis)
  • The historic center of Susa (take the opportunity to taste the “Foccacia di Susa” a delicious sweet treat)
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in Susa
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1.2 | Variant via Aussois

To reach Val-Cenis Lanslebourg, you can also take a scenic road slightly longer and steeper (+210m D+) than the classic course, but oh so pretty.

This route will immerse you in particular as you pass the historic and imposing Fort Esseillon and then will take you through the lively village resort of Aussois, then through the Sardières plateau.

Modane – Aussois – Val Cenis – Susa :

Distance : 66 km
A+ 1462 m
A- 2016 m
Alt min : 490 m
Alt max : 2097 m

To see and do :

  • Saint Benoit waterfall
  • Brasserie des Sources de la Vanoise
  • Fort Victor Emmanuel 
  • Fort Marie-Christine
  • Agro-pastoral museum of the Arche d’Oé

See the classique itinerary stage 1

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1.3 | Variant via Novalaise

This variant borrows a very beautiful road full of switchbacks and through the tree-covered road to reach the pretty village of Moncenisio before descending to Novalaise.

Modane – Moncenisio – Novalaise – Susa

Distance : 73 km
A+ 1453 m
A- 2006 m
Alt min : 490 m
Alt max : 2097 m 

To see and do :

  • Visit the typical village of Moncenisio and take a break at the edge of the small lake
  • Visit Benedictine Abbey of SS. Pietro and Andrea in Novalesa: jewel of European cultural and architectural heritage.

See the classique itinerary stage 1

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Haute-Maurienne Vanoise
Suse Valley Tourism (Italy)
Discover Suse (Italy)


2 | From Susa (Italie) to Briançon (Hautes Alpes)

2.1 La Classique Suse – Briançon : 58 km, A+ 1565 m

2.2 Variant via the col de Finestre78 km, A+ 2853 m

2.3 Variant via the col de l’Echelle66 km, A+ 1473 m

Departing from Susa, 3 options: the shortest main route (2.1) via Oulx allows you to discover the Fort d’Exilles and Lake ‘Orfù before arriving at the Col du Montgenèvre. Either you go through Bardonecchia ( Bramafam fort) then the Echelle pass and the Clarée valley (2.3). This reveals its authentic hamlets ( Névache, Val des Prés ) and above all a still preserved nature. Another option (2.2), the longest and sportiest, is worth the detour via the Col de Finestre. You leave quietly on the road when it becomes a gravel road for a few km before reaching the pass. Efforts certainly, but incredible panoramas like Pian dell’Alpe. As you see the fortress of Fenestrelle in the distance, you cross the small village of Balboutet with its cobbled streets. Further, you admire the lake of Pourrieres before arriving at the Olympic resort of Sestriere. The end of your journey is approaching and rewards the Vauban city of Briançon, its castles, and fortified town walls.

2.1 | La classique : 58 km

Shortest main route; by Oulx. Allows you to discover Fort d’Exilles and Lake Orfù before arriving at the Col du Montgenèvre.

The main route to Susa – Oulx- Briançon :

Distance : 58 km
D+ 1565 m
D- 785 m
Alt min : 490 m
Alt max : 1860 m

To see and do:

  • Fort d’Exilles
  • Fort Fenil (Salbertrand)
  • Lake Orfu (Oulx)
  • Oulx city
  • Clavière/col du Montgenèvre (1860 m)
  • Panoramic views of Briançon
  • Village of La Vachette
  • Fort Dauphin
  • Vauban city of Briançon (fortifications)
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2.2 | Variant via col de Finestre : 78 km

A very sporty, maybe even exhausting variant with around 1700 D+ from Susa and an average slope of 10% to the pass, but very beautiful. The challenge is accentuated by an unpaved gravel road from Casa Cantoniera to the summit. This is a classic climb of the Giro d’Italia bike race.

Variant Susa – Col de Finestre – Briançon

Distance : 78 km
A+ 2853 m
A- 2015m
Alt min : 490 m
Alt max : 2176 m

To see and do:

  • A farm to buy local produce
  • Fort de Finestre (at the top of the pass)
  • Fort of Serre Marie
  • Panoramic views Pian dell’Alpe
  • Lake Rane
  • Typical Village of Balboutet
  • Fortress of Fenestrelle
  • Lake Pourrières
  • Sestrières (ski station and special architecture )
  • Cesana
  • Clavière/col du Montgenèvre (1860 m)
  • Panoramic views of Briançon
  • Village of Vachette
  • Fort Dauphin
  • Vauban city of Briançon (fortifications)
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2.3 | Variant via col de l'Echelle : 66 km

A great alternative between the classic route and the variant via the Col de Finestre. The ascent in the forest of the Col de l’Echelle is pleasant and offers a spectacular descent into the Clarée valley.

Variant : Susa – Col de l’Echelle  – Briançon

Distance : 66 km
A+ 1473 m
A- 649 m
Alt min : 490 m
Alt max : 1762 m

Point of vigilance: Cycling between Suse and Bardonnèche is dangerous, especially on the Suse-Oulx section

To see and do:

  • Fort Exilles
  • Fort Fenil (Salbertrand)
  • Lake Orfu (Oulx)
  • Fort Bramafam (Bardonecchia)
  • Col de l’Echelle (1762m) with picnic area
  • The Clarée valley / Névache
  • Village of Val des Prés
  • Village of La Vachette
  • Fort Dauphin
  • Vauban city of Briançon (fortifications)
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Useful links for Stage 2

Susa Valley(Italy)
Oulx Tourism (Italy)


3 | From Briançon (Hautes Alpes) to Valloire (Savoie) : 57 km

The proposed route :

Distance: 57 km, A+ 1832 m

A legendary stage tackling the famous Lautaret and Galibier passes where you will cross the highest threshold of this route at an altitude of 2,642m. This passage between the Southern and Northern Alps will offer you landscapes and grandiose panoramas on the surrounding mountain ranges such as Les Ecrins, Thabor, or Les Cerces. On your way, you can take the opportunity to try the Grands Bains de Monêtiers-les-Bains (thermal spring), or even discover the secrets of the alpine botanical garden of the Col du Lautaret. At the top of the legendary Galibier, at 2642m, take a break to admire a 360° panorama from the orientation table which is located just above the pass. From there you can even see the Mont-Blanc. In Valloire one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Savoie awaits you, and you can finish the stage with a glass (of local beer in moderation)!

3 | From Briançon (Hautes Alpes) to Valloire (Savoie) : 57 km

Briançon – Valloire

Distance : 57 km
A+ 1832 m
A- 1305 m
Alt min : 1329 m
Alt max : 2642 m

To see and do

  • Pontillas Lake
  • The Great Baths (thermal spring) in Monêtiers-les Bains
  • The alpine botanical garden of the Col du Lautaret
  • Col du Galibier orientation table (360° PANORAMA)
  • Marco Pantani monument
  • The baroque Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (Valloire)
  • Straw sculpture at Le Verney (Valloire)
  • Le Galibier brewery in Valloire

The region of Ecrins – near Briançon

  • Bar of the Ecrins -the highest peak in the French alps
  • White Glacier
  • Meadow of Madame Carle – a natural site of wonder
  • Eychauda Lake
  • Ailefroide hamlet, charming historic architecture
  • Pelvoux-Valouise ski town
  • Valley between the Aygues
  • Valley of Narreyroux
  • meadows of blue thistles flowers
  • Fournel Valley
  • Dormillouse hamlet, charming historic architecture


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4 | From Valloire (Savoie) to Modane (Savoie)

The proposed route :

Distance : 32 km, D+ 557m

The last stage is a very gentle ride into Saint Michel de Maurienne via the Telegraph pass. You will be able to discover the Fort Telegraph before the great descent into the valley. If you need it, you can find equipment and services dedicated to cyclists all along the VIALPS route,  the “Espace Maurienne Galibier  ” of St Michel brings them together in an innovative reception center. Everything to take a “real” break with an information point, luggage storage, shower, repairs, and even a vending machine selling local products. Take the opportunity to visit ” L’Espace Alu” which reveals the history and secrets of aluminum in the Maurienne. For the end of your journey to Modane, 2 solutions are available to you, either you take the train to finish quietly, or you continue by bike along the Arc and its hydroelectric heritage. You have crossed 2 countries, 3 regions, 4 valleys, and 8 great Alpine passes, cycling has no borders for you – Congratulations, Bravo !!

4 | From Valloire (Savoie) to Modane (Savoie)

The route Valloire – Modane

Distance : 32 km
A+ 557m
A- 905m
Alt min : 719 m
Alt max : 1566 m

To see and do:

  • The Fort of the Telegraph
  • The aluminum museum (Espace Alu in St Michel de Maurienne)
  • Espace Maurienne Galibier
  • Super Bissorte hydroelectric plant
  • Forced water conduct by Paul Héroult
  • Fort of Replaton (Modane)
  • Muséobar (border museum in Modane)

Point of vigilance: heavy traffic between Saint-Jean de Maurienne and Modane. Possibility to take the train between Saint-Michel de Maurienne and Modane.


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  • A fantastic opportunity to discover this circuit in the middle of the mountains. Mythical passes, breathtaking landscapes, and points of interest to visit along the way.
    credits StefanoLA-day1-vialps-2022 (5) VIALPS en 2 jours en mode "défi sportif" par Stefano LA Mastra (Alias Stefanoellea sur Instagram) et son photographe Giovanni Ceruti.

Vialps en 2 jours par

stefano la instagram


Crédits photos :

Stefano LA, cycliste Influenceur
Giovanni, photographe

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