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Just taking the road for the “Alpe” is an immersion in the world that is Alpe d’Huez. In the winter, this resort is well-known for the longest ski run in the world (la Sarenne, 16km), but in the summer, it is given over to cycling and mountain activities.


This almost 34 km circuit start in Bourg d'Oisans.

Only 21 switchbacks from Bourgd'Oisans, Alpe d’Huez hands you its mountain lakes and incredible maze of peaks on a plate. To get there, you’ll go up the mythical ↘“montée de l’Alpe”, that sends a thrill through cyclists the world over. Each hairpin bend is dedicated to a winner of the Tour stage, so you can improve your sporting knowledge as you wind your way up.

You arrive in the resort by the old village, Vieil Alpe, which is a reminder of how things were at the beginning of the century, when this international resort consisted only of a few pasture barns.

Near the tourist office you will find ↘Alpe d'Huez Chantournage, a fretwork craftsman who creates unique items from solid wood. He has a varied collection, including wall and table decorations, pictures, signs and trophies, together with
any customised productions.

You will note the busy streets and the ↘museum as you go through the resort. The museum is located inside the Sport and Convention Centre, it presents the history of the resort, of the mountain through various exhibitions.

Then, at the end of the road, ↘Lac Besson, a paradise for trout, charfish… and fishermen, sits majestically. Why not enjoy a picnic on the water’s edge?

Keep going up and don’t miss the fabulous panoramic view from the ↘Pic Blanc cable car terrace at an altitude of 3,330m. You can reach this superb belvedere in less than 30 minutes and you are rewarded with a view, given 3 stars by the Michelin guide, of up to a fifth of the French territory.

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