All the destinations in the Maurienne! From July 10, 2024

Discover Banana Bike®

This summer, get ready to follow an original adventure in the Maurienne with Banana Bike®, a unique exploration game inspired by the “Treasure Map”. The participants, all experts in discovery, take turns to take on challenges spread throughout the Maurienne, highlighting the beauty and diversity of our mountain valley.

An exceptional collaboration for a unique adventure.

In collaboration with Anthony Valério, aka:  @monsieurbanane_  on Instagram and founder of the Banana Bike® concept, the Maurienne destinations have prepared unique events broadcast on our social networks. This adventure game, filmed from June 22 to July 2, 2024, will be broadcast after the Tour de France passes through the Maurienne.

Who will be your favorite adventurer among our guests ?

Participants, guided by Monsieur Banane, travel by bike to discover a selection of local gems. Among the adventurers, we find the famous Anthony Verlaine, aka French Adventurer, and his 92,000 subscribers, the essential author and journalist Ariane, aka Itinera Magica, with her 56,000 subscribers, as well as the family selected for the occasion, aka My Family Explores. Everyone will travel through the villages and hills of the Maurienne, surpassing themselves to win the events around outdoor activities, culture, local know-how and gastronomy.

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Cycling as a means of transport.

And you, which cyclist are you? Whether mountain biking, road biking or electric biking, the game is designed to please everyone: serious athletes, amateurs or families. The common thread of this adventure is the bicycle, used in various forms to explore and appreciate the richness of the territory.

There is a game at stake 🎁

Join us on this cycling adventure and let yourself be inspired by the beauty and richness of the Maurienne with Banana Bike®!… You might be the lucky winner of the gifts to be won at the end of the adventure!

📣 Broadcast from July 10

At the end of the challenge, win a superb prize.

🫵You too, you can participate.

To do this, follow the adventure and subscribe to @cyclomaurienne and @monsieurbanane_
Banana Bike participants, by winning the events, will form an increasingly large field! Then, at the end of the adventure, it is one of the subscribers (or perhaps several subscribers!) who will win the bet 💝

There is no time to lose, episodes start broadcast on July 10, 2024.

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Us ! 🤠🚴‍♂️ @cyclomaurienne
The boss of the game 🍌 : @monsieurbanane_

The invited adventurers : @anthonyverlaine@itineramagica@mafamilleexplore

Our agency, without whom all this would not be possible 🦜: @creativ.jungle

📣 Broadcast from July 10🍌

Our generous partners in the Maurienne for gifts at the end of the adventure (the prizes are still a surprise and the list is evolving!)