La Garde-en-Oisans

Although mentioned for the first time in documents in 1058, Saint Peter's Church is almost certainly older. Its very good current condition conceals this fact, especially following recent renovation work to replace the damaged belfry.


We know from the archives that La Garde held an important position in the parishes of Oisans in the Middle Ages, as it had a castle mound (typically a mediaeval defence structure), two towers and a stronghold.
The position of the church bears witness to its age, since churches were traditionally built on a rocky outcrop or promentory in order to be both seen and heard. Indeed, the sound of ringing bells had to travel far to reach the peasants in the Alpine pastures or other villages.
Having survived for centuries, the church has undergone a number of changes, since architectural digs have revealed an earlier building and graves.
In April 2013, the wooden belfry supporting the bells was replaced and a bell ringing the note "D" was added!
A sundial can be seen on the southern face.

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