The instructors, Nationally registered, have the experience to introduce you to cycling, improve your technique, or help you discover little-known areas of the Maurienne. In addition, they often have partnerships with rental companies, which will allow you to test new mounts!

Take advantage of their knowledge and their experience to pedal in peace on the roads and trails of the Maurienne!

  • Albiez-le-Jeune(1)
  • Albiez-Montrond(4)
  • Aussois(1)
  • Le Corbier(1)
  • Saint-François-Longchamp(2)
  • Saint-Jean-d'Arves(1)
  • Saint-Martin-sur-la-Chambre(1)
  • Saint-Sorlin-d'Arves(1)
  • Val-Cenis(7)
  • Valloire(1)
  • Valmeinier(2)
Horizons Nature & Montagnes Valmeinier - Valmeinier Villages (1500) Horizons Nature & Montagnes
Up Down Ski & Bike Val-Cenis - Lanslevillard Up Down Ski & Bike
Mathieu Taboury Saint-François-Longchamp - Saint-François-Longchamp Mathieu Taboury
Terry Merck- MTB instructor Val-Cenis - Lanslevillard Terry Merck- MTB instructor
Mustang - Albiez Bike School Albiez-Montrond - Chef-lieu Mustang - Albiez Bike School
Bizel Virginie Saint-Jean-d'Arves Bizel Virginie
Multi-activités Ravoir'Sports Saint-François-Longchamp - Saint-François-Longchamp Multi-activités Ravoir'Sports

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