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Our advice in video:

  • Après quelques semaines de froid, votre vélo est au fond de son abris ? Ce n'est pas une façon très noble de traiter sa monture ! Profitez-en plutôt pour le chouchouter, en le préparant à affronter la solitude de l'hiver... Allez hop ! A l'atelier ! (Où dans votre boutique vélo préférée !)
    atelier-velo Les conseils de Florent Gibert Boutique Vélo Minute à St Michel de Maurienne
  • Des petits tutoriels pour faire un check avant l'hiver. J'ai appris notamment qu'il fallait éviter de stocker le vélo avec les roues gonflées. Jusque là je n'essuyais pas la chaîne après l'avoir lubrifié : désormais ce sera fait ;-)
    chaine rouillee Manon G. Utilisatrice d'un VTT de descente
  • Les conseils m'ont aidé à organiser le futur atelier de mon E-VTT : je sais de quoi j'aurai besoin pour son entretien. J'ai découvert que l'usure de la chaîne était plus importante sur un VTT électrique. Merci, je serai vigilant !
    nettoyage-1000 Karl B. Futur propriétaire d'un E-VTT

E-MTB: Check the on-board computer

Does your bike communicate?

Remember to check the controls located on the handlebars.

This may indicate a “service” symbol , which prompts you to carry out maintenance on the bike.

Winter is the best time to do this, in order to ensure your bike is ready to go once the snow melts in Spring and summer, don’t forget 😉

On average, plan to have the E-MTB serviced every 1000 km.


Give your bike some "TLC" Tender Loving Care - after all these moments spent together in the warmer months

Make your bike shine

Your mountain bike, electric or not, is designed to ride in water and mud , so it is waterproof. The motor and parts of the electrical system are protected by gaskets.

Clean it with plenty of water if necessary. There are no more precautions to be taken than for a normal mountain bike, however you should not use a high pressure cleaner, you risk severely damaging the seals, connectors and bearings of your electric mountain bike.

Here we have chosen to use soft cloths and cleaning wipes. Rags can be cleaned and reused.

Cette opération de nettoyage est idéale pour regarder minutieusement tous les éléments de votre vélo.

This cleaning operation is ideal for taking a close look at all the parts of your bike.
Don’t miss a crack, warp, or anything that you think is abnormal.

Do not hesitate to go to your favorite bike store to seek advice from a professional like Florent from Vélo Minute.


The master element: transmission

Check, Degrease, Lubricate

Pro tips


  • A “chain-tester” allows you to have a quick diagnosis to know the wear of the chain of your bike
  • A chain that breaks can cause significant damage:check it regularly If the checker drops between the links easily it is time to change
  • Degrease the transmissionof your ATV with a degreasing product: the cassette, the chain of the ATV and the rollers or chainring.
  • Lubricate the chain:Apply lubricant to the inside of the chain (avoid getting it on top of the chain).
  • NettoyezClean excess with a rag or paper towel: too much lubricant = dirt, dust and mud that attach to the chain, and clogged rapidement. Petit reminder: prohibition puts grease on the chain of a mountain bike.

A simple tip to finish: deflate the tires

The happy medium

Leave more or less one bar of pressure in the tires:

  • To prevent the tire from being damaged when empty, with the weight of the bike
  • To protect the sides which could crack with a strong maintained pressure

So expel a little air, ideally leave 1 bar of pressure.

Nothing could be simpler: remove the valve cap, that is to say the place through which you can inflate the wheel. Then, press on the small pin located in the middle of the valve, so as to deflate the tire.



Final tips

PTo store your bike during the winter: choose a warm, dry place. Example: a basement, a mini-warehouse, or in a bicycle shop that offers this service. Avoid high traffic areas so as not to knock it over, or poorly ventilated areas where chlorine-based products are stored: this stimulates the production of rust.

Inspect the components of your bike to be sure the brakes and gears are working properly . You can go to a specialty store for a complete overhaul before winter. With all of these tips, you’ll be among the first on the road at the start of the season, and you’ll avoid the hustle and bustle that comes back every spring to bike shops.

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