Gravel and Maurienne March 2023

There is always something to talk about in the Maurienne Valley…

Now it is the Gravel bike  discipline (cousin of the road bike, light, fast, and able to be used on many more terrains: gravel of course, cobblestones, mud, trails…) which is sparking the imagination of many cyclists this moment. The territory of the Maurienne Valley offers many itineraries suitable for this recent practice.

Focus on the articles from the beginning of the year

The Savoyard valley is in the international press

The valley is again recommended in an article in the famous National Geographics magazine, in the March edition. Some beautiful pages had been published in the winter of 2021 “Discover four of Savoie Mont Blanc’s lesser-known ski areas“.

The gravel bike is put forward, through the race of the  ‘Ultra Gravel Tour of the Alps, and the event  Galibier Challenge version Gravel Expérience; which will take place on Saturday, June 3. According to the magazine: “Top three Alpine cycling stops : 1. The Maurienne Valley” 👍🏾

The valley in the regional and national press

The French Federation of Cyclotourism awarded the Maurienne the first “Rando gravel” label in France. Several articles have been published recently, in particular through the le Dauphiné Newspaper.

The route created by Maurienne Tourisme is once again in the spotlight, this time on the website 3 bikes : L’Ultra Gravel Tour des Alpes en Maurienne : le nouvel itinéraire 100 % Gravel dans le plus grand domaine cyclable du monde



Article National Géographic (EN)