A training camp for the U23F team 16 to 22 August
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Preparation for the European Championships + Tour de l'Avenir

From August 16 to 22, 2023, the best U23 female cyclists in France,  will be present in the Savoyard valley for a training camp. After a summer rich in competitions, the team of the French Cycling Federation (FFC) will take the road to Maurienne and will stay at the Lancheton Hotel.

An appointment in the “mountains” specifically to understand mountain passes, work on descending technique and prepare for the inaugural women’s Tour de l’Avenir.

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Do you dream of experiencing a professional training camp from the inside?

Your last opportunity of the year!

We invite you to start with the French women’s U23 team* :

Sunday August 20 in the morning, at 9:00 a.m. at the Lancheton Hotel

There is no registration, and it’s free: come at the indicated time and don’t forget to tag  @cyclomaurienne  on Instagram and Facebook so that we can enjoy your special moment!

Pierre IDJOUADIENE , former pro cyclist, will supervise this “Mountain” course which will take place on the famous roads of Maurienne. This course is organized within the framework of the partnership between the French Cycling Federation and “The largest cycling domain in the world”; Maurienne.

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(*) outing carried out under your own responsibility

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How is the “Youth Generation” category selected? ?

Let’s take the example of the Women’s team in 2023.

At the start of the season, a “Road Youth U23 Women” collective is established based on national and international performances in 2022 and the athlete’s international experience. It aims to develop a high-performance French team for the 2023 European Championships.

Each course or event is part of this overall objective but also of a long-term training objective for athletes.

The National Coach will integrate Elite Women into the Teams in order to bring international experience to the team and contribute to the training objective at the  highest level  for the next generation of cyclists.

The selection criteria is based on a number of factors, performance criteria should be understood as behavior having a decisive impact on the course of the competition (decisive offensive behaviour, defense of a leader’s jersey, risk-taking to win the competition, etc.). These performances are not only centered on the raw result but on the capacity to obtain them. These performances are observed in international events and in the Coupe de France N1 events.