Loops in the Maurienne (Savoie) Organize a sporting trip
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Prepare your bike, load your car, download the itinerary... Go: explore the mountains!

In the Maurienne, it is possible!

The bicycle is gaining popularity as a mode of travel because it offers a large number of advantages. Much more than a means of transport, discovering a territory like the Maurienne,
while driving, is the pleasure of observing the wide open spaces that we cross, of feeling them, smelling them, and of stopping to marvel in its wonder.

Get on your bikes, for cyclo-adventurers await you, for a tour rich in elevations and experiences

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5 Touring routes departing from our valley

Maurienne Tourisme has participated in the development of different routes to be carried out over several days for adventurers on two wheels . From 118 km to 460 km, for positive elevations from 2240 m to 14700 m: the perfect combination of challenges and escapism.

Our routes:

Which bike for your adventure?
To be done on a road bike, VAE (electrically assisted bicycle), mountain bike or Gravel depending on the route. We give you some advice for organizing your stay in Maurienne.

Are you still hesitating? Then read about the benefits of a road trip by bike.

La Maurienn’Ita

Crossing the Maurienne to Italy

Italy has never been so close!
4 days for cyclo-adventurers who want to surpass themselves and cross the border.
The objective: roll your eyes wide open on the best that the Maurienne has to offer and reach Italy. The 135 km’s of riding, including the Mont-Cenis pass are yours to cross before enjoying a tasty pizza.

  • Recommended for whom? Road bike & e-bike

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Departure: Saint-Michel de Maurienne
4 days
Distance: 135 km
Elevation +: 2650 m or 2880 m with the variant
Level: difficult
Main towns crossed: Val d’Arc Aiguebelle, Saint-Rémy de Maurienne, Saint-Jean de Maurienne, Saint-Michel de Maurienne, Modane, Val-Cenis Lanslebourg
Marking: Follow the signs for “La Mauriennaise” between Aiton and Val-Cenis Lanslebourg then those for “Col du Mont Cenis”. After the pass, no specific markup

Stages :
Day 1 Distance: 44 km, Elevation +: 575 m
Day 2 Distance: 32.4 km, Elevation +: 644 m
Day 3 Distance: 23.5 km, Elevation +: 469 m
– Day 3, variant: Distance: 25.4 km , Elevation +: 708 m
Day 4, Distance: 34 km, Elevation +: 955 m

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Roadbook offered by Maurienne Tourisme
Itinéraire global Maurienne Italie

The Loop of the 6 Mythical Cols

Between Maurienne and Oisans

5 days of alpine immersion to challenge some of the greatest passes in the Alps and discover the riches of the mountain environment. A concentration of peaks for bike-packers and a dream opportunity to challenge themselves and be amazed throughout the course. Exceptional panoramas are guaranteed. Ride in the shadows of the Tour de France.

  • Recommended for whom? Road bike & e-bike

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Departure: Saint-Michel de Maurienne
5 days
Distance: 180 km
Elevation +: 5040 m
Level: difficult
Main towns crossed: Saint-Michel de Maurienne, Valloire, La Grave, Bourg d’Oisans, Allemond, Saint-Sorlin d ‘Arves, Saint-Jean de Maurienne (variant possible)
No specific markup. Follow the departmental markup

Day 1 Distance: 17 km, Elevation +: 859 m
Day 2 Distance: 38 km, Elevation +: 1285 m
Day 3 Distance: 42 km, Elevation +: 660 m
Day 4 Distance: 35 km, Elevation +: 1535 m
Day 5 Distance: 49 km, Elevation +: 701 m

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Roadbook offered by Maurienne Tourisme
Boucle Maurienne Oisans avec variante St-Jean

Vialps, cross-border route, inaugurated in 2022

Between France and Italy through the Maurienne, Briançonnais and the Susa Valley

The Vialps route passes through Savoie, Piedmont and the Hautes Alpes, through the Col du Galibier (2642 m altitude), Col de Montgenèvre (1850 m altitude) / Echelle (1762 m altitude), Col de Finestre (2178 m altitude), Col de Sestriere (2035 m altitude), Col du Mont Cenis (2085 m altitude). Several variants have been created to complete the initial route of this cycling adventure.
Download the GPX tracks of the different stages offered for free

4 days to challenge yourself and your friends
A sporting loop that crosses the territories of the Pays de Maurienne, Briançonnais and the Suse Valley. Passage through the passes of Galibier, Montgenèvre / Echelle, Finestre, Sestrières, and Mont Cenis.  To discover 

Stage 1: Modane > Susa, + variant via Aussois OR variant via Moncenisio – Novalaise
Stage 2: Susa > Briançon, + variant via Col de Finestre OR variant via Col de l’Echelle
Stage 3: Briançon > Valloire
Stage 4: Valloire > Modane

  • Recommended for whom? By cyclosportive (road bike, and gravel bike for certain variants) By slow tourism / cycling trip (MTB, VTC) By electric bike

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Departure: Modane
4 days
Distance: 135 km
Elevation +: 4600 m
Maximum altitude: Col du Galibier
Level: very difficult

4 Stages:
Stage 1 (1.1): Distance: 66 km, Elevation: ~ +952 m -1620 m
Stage 1 variant (1.2): Distance: 44 km, Elevation: ~ +1164 m -1747 m
Stage 1 variant (1.3) : Distance: 42 km, Elevation: ~ +1003 m -1557 m
Stage 2 (2.1): Distance: 44 km, Elevation: ~ +1164 m -1747 m
Stage 2 variant (2.2): Distance: 48 km, Elevation: ~ +2557 m -1714 m
Stage 2 variant (2.3): Distance: 56 km, Elevation: ~ +1305 m -483 m
Stage 3: Distance: 57 km, Elevation: ~ +1011 m -1115 m
Stage4: Distance: 33 km , Elevation: ~ +524 m -725 m

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Roadbook, info & GPX offered by Maurienne Tourisme
carte vialps

The Between Two Valleys (L’Entre-Deux Vallées)

The Col de la Madeleine between Maurienne and Tarentaise valleys

3 days of cyclo-adventure to discover two valleys and ride in the footsteps of the greatest champions of the Tour de France who climbed, in 2020, the mythical Col de la Madeleine
3 days combining discovery and surpassing oneself but also, well-being! The Saint-François Longchamp balneotherapy center will be waiting for you after your sporting achievement

The In-between

  • Recommended for whom? Road bike & e-bike

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Departure: Val d’Arc Aiguebelette
3 days
Distance: 119 to 123 km;
Elevation +: 2180 m or 2420 m for the variant
Level: difficult
Main towns crossed: Val d’Arc Aiguebelle, La Chambre, Saint-François Longchamp, Albertville
No specific markings. Follow the departmental markings “La Mauriennaise”, “Col de la Madeleine”, “La vallée Olympique” and V62

Day 1: Distance: 41 km Elevation +: 1,295 m
– Day 1 variant: Distance: 45 km Elevation +: 1,529 m
Day 2: Distance: 52 km Elevation +: 798 m
Day 3: Distance: 26 km Elevation +: 90m

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Roadbook offered by Maurienne Tourisme

The Ultra Gravel Tour of the Alps, inaugurated in 2022

A route between Maurienne, Tarentaise, Italy and Hautes-Alpes

8 days by bike on trails linking a route between Maurienne, Tarentaise, Italy and Hautes-Alpes. Discover

Gravel riders and adventure enthusiasts, discover this new 100% mountain route which will lead you to conquer some of the most stunning alpine passes by wild roads and trails. With more than 460 km, you will swallow almost 13,000 m of elevation gain and no less than 15 passes, including 11 at over 2,000 meters in altitude.

The course can be done in one go or over several days.

The UGTA: Ultra Gravel Tour of the Alps

  • Recommended for whom? Gravel bike & MTB

🚲 🚲 🚲

Departure: Val d’Arc Aiguebelette
8 days
Distance: 468 km
Elevation +: 13000 m
Level: very difficult
Ascent of 15 passes including the Madeleine, the Granon and the Galibier

Day 1: Distance: 72 km Elevation +: 2,230 m
Day 2: Distance: 57 km Elevation +: 2,300 m
Day 3: Distance: 67 km Elevation +: 2,110 m
Day 4: Distance: 27 km Elevation + : 913 m
Day 5: Distance: 48 km Elevation +: 1,050 m
Day 6: Distance: 57 km Elevation +: 1,158 m
Day 7: Distance: 65 km Elevation +: 1,768 m
Day 8: Distance: 75 km Elevation + : 1474m

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Info, GPX and Roadbook offered by Maurienne Tourisme

6 good reasons to travel by bike

  • La douceur de ce mode de transport permet d’observer et de s’arrêter facilement. Un mode de déplacement idéal dans nos vallées, pour réaliser son propre reportage photo ou créer des belles stories sur les réseaux sociaux !
    credits-Stefano-LA (61)58 Une autre perspective À vélo, relaxez vous (sauf si votre objectif est de faire un chrono!)
  • Le long d’un itinéraire ou sur de petites routes secondaires, les découvertes s’accumulent en Savoie : avec ou sans halte selon votre programme. Passage près des fermes, petite pause sur un marché du terroir, visite d’une chapelle… on peut tout imaginer en vélo.
    jm Blache - vache - light De la place pour les découvertes Visitez la Maurienne
  • À l’heure où l’écologie et l’environnement sont au cœur des préoccupations, l’itinérance à vélo offre une belle alternative pour les vacances. Elle permet de s’aérer l’esprit tout en respectant la planète. Pour les amoureux de grand air, le silence de votre monture permet en plus d’observer facilement la faune et la nature de nos reliefs.
    Bouquetins dans le Massif des Encombres - ©Bruno PASDELOUP light Un mode de transport écologique Observez la nature sans déranger
  • Se déplacer à vélo est synonyme de séjour sportif, surtout en montagne. Cette solution permet de préserver sa santé tout en voyageant. Adaptée à tous, il est facile de moduler son rythme et ses objectifs en fonction de sa forme physique. Vélo de route, Gravel, VTT ou version assistée électriquement, c’est facile de trouver son bonheur sur un 2 roues, même à la montagne !
    credits-Stefano-LA (46)41 Bouger, respirer, garder la santé Gardez la pêche !
  • Les randonneurs à vélo sont souvent bien accueillis par les locaux, curieux de ce mode de transport. En Maurienne, de nombreuses initiatives dédiées aux cyclistes sont en place, que ce soient des hébergements adaptés ou des points d’informations. Ces échanges permettent d’obtenir tous les petits plus qui rendront ce séjour unique et qui permet de vivre des expériences authentiques.
    mountain collection galibier 1200 fumaz (23) Une expérience unique et authentique Rencontrez du monde
  • Chacun à son rythme, sans dégrader l’environnement, en découvrant plus profondément un territoire : un condensé des atouts du slow tourisme. Vous serez fier de partager vos photos, votre suivi GPX sur les réseaux sociaux ou avec vos proches. Le souvenir restera longtemps dans votre mémoire. En général, on ne rêve que d’une chose : repartir en vélo !
    passeport col medailles marjorie trochu (2) La fierté d’avoir parcourus un itinéraire à la force de ses mollets est unique ! Réalisez un challenge

Prepare your trip

1 – choose how to come

By train
TGV and TER trains from Paris and Lyon and from Chambéry serve the stations of St-Jean-de-Maurienne and St-Michel-de-Maurienne.

3h30 from Paris (direct TGV/ 1 per day)
1h40 from Grenoble
1h from Chambéry

By car
Via the Maurienne motorway (A43), you have easy access to the valley. Average travel time (to St-Jean-de-Maurienne):
2 hours from Lyon
2 hours from Turin (via the Fréjus Road Tunnel)
2 hours from Geneva
1 hour 30 minutes from Grenoble
45 minutes from Chambéry

By plane
There are five airports near Maurienne: Chambéry, Lyon Saint Exupéry, Geneva, Turin, Grenoble. They are accessible by taxi or train.
Solution for transporting people / transporting luggage
The transport company Trans-Alpes offers you the transport of luggage and/or people between stages.
Other solutions in Oisans: Intervallées transport, Taxis JP La Meije, Taxis Sert-Marc, Abacar Taxis
To avoid taking the busy national road between La Grave and Bourg d’Oisans, you can take the bus. There are 2 lines:
– The LER35 line (Briançon-Grenoble): several stops between the Col du
Lautaret and Bourg d’Oisans
More info: www.zou.maregionsud.fr
– The Transisère line 303: several stops between the Barrage du Chambon and Bourg d’Oisans.
More info: www.transisere.fr

If you want to avoid the road between Saint-Jean de Maurienne and Saint-Michel de Maurienne, you can take the train. Chambéry – Modane line
More info: www.ter.sncf.com/auvergne-rhone-alpes

A problem during your stay? See the list of repairers

Emergency: 18 or 112

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2 – Choose labeled accommodation or bivouac

Between a cozy bed or a night in a tent, you can choose from several accommodation solutions. For your comfort, the “ Accueil Vélo ” accommodation offers services specially dedicated to bicycle travellers. We also have labeled restaurants and other services such as adapted massages.

Accueil vélo” accommodation 

Accommodation with the “Accueil vélo” label is a real guarantee for cyclists because they meet precise specifications. They allow you to stay on a bike trip in great conditions, to stay in places suitable for cyclists and to receive advice and the necessary equipment if necessary.

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3 – Prepare the bags

Panniers, backpack or luggage transfer ?

Take the time to plan your adventure to leave room only for good surprises! If you choose to take your luggage on the bike, the effort will certainly be more intense… but the feeling of autonomy is very satisfying, the pride of carrying your equipment to the end of a stage is rather rewarding.

To take with you on each outing: Helmet, sunscreen, water, windbreaker*, padlock

Depending on the desired degree of autonomy, don’t forget the repair equipment and tools : to be prepared for most possible you must equip yourself with the minimum of tools to repair your bike (spare inner tubes, tire levers, patches and dissolution, bicycle pump with connection adapted to your valves, and multifunction tool).

* Advice: rainwear (k-way type, poncho or active material such as gore-tex ideally, overtrousers and waterproof or even waterproof gloves) or windproof jacket in dry weather. Be careful, if you go up in altitude the temperature can quickly decrease. The descents are sometimes very fresh!

Going roaming by bike is the start of a beautiful journey: on the way to freedom!

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