The ascent of the Orgère valley takes place in a remarkable forest before reaching the mountain pastures and the Orgère refuge located on the edge of the Vanoise National Park. Escape guaranteed!


Departure from the car park located at the Chapelle Saint-Etienne at the exit of the town center of Saint-André.
Food supplies provided by Maurienne Tourisme will be waiting for you in the Refuge de l'Orgère car park.

632 meters of elevation gain for around 2 hours of ascent.

Road bikes, mountain bikes and pedelecs are welcome.
(Depending on the health restrictions to be expected, tandems may be prohibited)
Non-compulsory registrations from June 30.
However, you must read the Rules of the event below and please respect the highway code during this event (downloadable document at the bottom of the page):

Your departure :
Any departure before the announced schedule will not be framed by an administrative road closure, so you will be likely to meet motorized vehicles during your ascent.
The climb is open to minors over 14 years of age with parental authorization to provide on their arrival on site in hard copy.

The climb and its sanitary rules:
 Respect for distance: ban on being in the wake and taking advantage of the group's aspiration, riding in single file with a safety distance of 10 meters between each cyclist,
 Absolute ban on driving two abreast,
 To overtake, keep an offset of at least 1.5m and fall back 7m in front of the overtaken cyclist,
 Sputum, sputum not allowed. If necessary, signal yourself, let yourself be overtaken to relieve yourself in the last position.

Cycling rules
Be sure to respect:
 The highway code,
 Wearing a helmet,
 Be careful with other cyclists and authorized users,
 Reduced and controlled speed when descending

Your arrival :
We advise you to remain vigilant if you wish to go back down after the administrative reopening time of the road. You would be likely to encounter and be passed by motorized vehicles.
 A water supply and individual sweet bars will be offered to you by Maurienne Tourisme, respecting a direction of movement, a maximum of 6 people per queue and a distance of 2 meters between each individual. Hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal.
For cyclists wishing to practice several cycle touring climbs of the Challenge Mountain Collection 2021, a collector's card will be given to you by Maurienne Tourisme at arrivals, and pasted at each of the climbs offered in Maurienne and Haute Maurienne Vanoise. Prizes will be to be won by drawing lots at the end of the summer season.

Period of opening

Wednesday 11 August 2021 between 9 am and 1 pm.


Free of charge.

Languages ​​spoken

  • French French


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Practical information

Refuge de l'Orgère
73500 Villarodin-Bourget